Sessions and Services

Every session (except Psychic Angelic Channelings) Includes:

* Discussion regarding what you want to achieve during our time together.

*Psychic Angelic Channeling (Angel Whispering)/Clairvoyance

*Body/Mind/Soul/Energy Scanning 

*Release of old and/or negative energy and dysfunctional thinking

*"Fuck It" Therapy and Laughter Therapy

*Chakra Balancing

*Deep meditation and Hypnosis

*Shamanic Healing (sometimes Shamanic Journeying)

*Sometimes Mediumship

*Pranic Healing


*Immense Unconditional Love and Intense White Light Channeled 

Common Requests:

*Medical Intuition ~ Scanning of the body to see if there is dis-ease present. 

*Spiritual Matchmaking

*Help with the Awakening Process

*Help with the Dark Night of the Soul

*Finding your Joy again

*Help with relationships. (Active Listening, Interpersonal Skills, Non-Violent Communication)

*Conscious Coupling

*Conscious Parenting

*Helping your child find their voice (Work with children with Autism, Aspergers, children with severe special needs and/or severely abused.)

*Reiki for animals/Animal Whispering

*Child Whispering

*Shamanic Extraction

*Finding One's Purpose/Soul Alignment/Soul Contract


*Spiritual Weight Loss (How to lose weight, while learning about The Law of Attraction and other Universal Laws

*The Law of Attraction

*Raising Vibration

*Tapping into Source Energy

*Astral Projection


*Sexual Identity

*Releasing Your Old Story and Creating Your New One

3-10 Week Packages

Spiritual Weight Loss

Spiritual Weight Loss

People ask me all the time how I lost so much weight and was healed of 4 deathly autoimmune dis-eases? The truth is that I never consciously tried. However, what I did was completely shift my mindset/consciousness. 

I can help you do what I did. Shift out of victimhood (or bewilderment, depression, anger, despair, etc) and into your power and your joy! So that you can have the life that you are longing for.

I can help you do this rapidly! It is my passion to help others become blissful, vibrantly healthy and into sustainable self-love. Isn't it time you fell in love with you?

I help people look at the totality of their lives, their bodies, thinking patterns, their past/now/future, any dis-ease that is present, their love lives, their financial situation, eating habits, loneliness, people pleasing habits, etc. 

And then we begin. We begin helping you LOVE YOU! And I also, help you understand that as soon as you come into full soul alignment (living and speaking your authentic truth)... You naturally begin to want to take good and loving care of yourself. 

Through 2 Pranic/Shamanic/Reiki  & Clairvoyant Healing Sessions (please read my description above.) and 8 weeks of coaching (& supportive emailing, etc.)... We can help you shift into the beginning of rapid weight loss and vibrant health.

Manifesting Your Blissful, Abundant Life

Information coming soon!

Conscious Coupling

Information coming soon!

Conscious Parenting

I have been working with children since I was 12 years old. I began my career as a teacher, then directed schools, taught teachers how to become teachers, did social work, was a child activist, contributed in writing books about literacy and Child Development, worked with children with Autism and have been a Child Behavior Specialist, etc. And I have also, taught classes and written articles about conscious parenting. 

It is also, another passion of mine to help parents remember how it feels to be a child. I help parents tap into their inner child and heal. So that they can be the best parents to their beautiful children. 

One of my specialties is working with children with Autism or on the Asperger's Spectrum. Through much observation. I have come to the understanding that a lot of children that are on the spectrum have been misdiagnosed. That they are not Autistic, but rather are crystal children. Please Google Rainbow and Crystal children and see if your child fit the descriptions. From there, I can help teach you how to guide your children. 

Our young children are here to help heal our humanity at a rapid speed. They are highly intuitive, very sensitive, funny, incredibly intelligent, get bored easily, and have a difficult time with structured living. 

Through our sessions we will be discussing higher vibrational frequency, diet (no gluten, milk products, artificial colorings or gmo's, etc..), structure, creativity, and learning how to actively listen to your child. 

Spiritual Matchmaking

This package is about you learning how to really love you. I know that you have probably read over and over again... That we cannot find love, until we actually love ourselves. Well, it's the truth.

We can find substitutes. People that look like what we want. But they will not feel like what we want. I will help you learn how to center in and really begin to listen to your intuition. And your intuition will help us attract into your life, your partner. 

We will have two deep healings, to help you prepare for love. We'll be doing some serious soul work. Helping you to see how very wonderful you are. And that you are worthy of love. 

During our time together via phone or person, we will begin to heal old wounds, pull out dysfunctional thinking, learn what self-worth and self-love feels like and help you manifest what you envision.



* What does a session include? A short discussion, (by phone or in person) a prayer (and then I hop into channeling what your angels have to tell you), a letting go and releasing exercise and a deep and relaxing visualization/meditation with some hypnosis. We would then hang up the phone if it is a distance healing. Or if is an in person session, you'd go on my massage table. I would then begin using Pranic energy to pull out negative vibration and dysfunctional thinking. All the while continuing to help you get into a deeper state of trust, relaxation and love. And then I would proceed to doing a Shamanic Healing on you. I'm continually scanning your body, mind and soul. Picking up cues from your chakras, your energy, physical pain that I feel in my own body. I use Divination, extraction, seeing and meeting your totem animals and deeper healing.  (Please check my glossary for a full explanation of Shamanic Healing) I finish the healing with Reiki. I infuse the body with intense, Divine white light that is filled with immense unconditional love. And then we end our time together with a discussion on the visions that I have received and more information from your angels and spirit guides. 

* Is it scary? No. :) I'm often told that I am incredibly laid back, very real, very funny, and incredibly loving. And that I am incredibly intuitive, deeply loving and nurturing and can answer just about anything that you want to ask.

* Why do sessions take so long? I go deep! I go all the way back to the seed in your subconscious that was your initial heartbreak. And I discuss how we can heal every single part of you emotionally, spiritually, physically, financially, sexually, etc.

* How can you prepare for our session? Just by being open-minded. You felt called to contact me. Remember that. If you want to shift rapidly and come into full healing. Be open and keep trying to release blocks of fear. But I can help you with that.

* Can I really heal dis-ease? YES! (I have helped heal people with Cancer, Heroine addiction, severe depression, anxiety, etc.) Through channeling Spirit's Divine light and through working with your angels, I can pretty much help anyone that comes to me, if you are TRULY ready.

* Feel free to ask any question. I'm an open book. And I have a passion for helping others heal. So ask away!