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Master Healer * Clairvoyant * Spiritual Teacher

Jennifer Ching Lopez

I understand that you are not living your best life possible unless your mind, body, soul and energetic system are completely healthy. and aligned. That's why I take a deeply loving and holistic approach to preventing and reversing dis-ease. 

By systematically breaking down the Universal Law of Attraction, as well as learning about the Spiritual Vibrational Scale... I was able to heal my body, mind, soul, heart and energetic system. 

Additionally, because I have been living a deeply spiritual life since birth, I have figured out how to tap into Source Energy/Christ Consciousness/Universal Love. In conjunction with Tapping into Source, I awakened my Kundalini. When we awaken the Kundalini, we are able to fully awaken dormant gifts - such as clairvoyance, different healing modalities, etc. 

Dying and Very Overweight (Before)

A good friend of mine told me that I was violently reacting to trying to be "normal". Whatever "normal" is. And then my son saved my life. By saying, that he knew that I was dying. I had 4 deathly autoimmune dis-eases, deathly anemic, in starvation mode, deep depression, anxiety disorders, suicidal tendencies...and longing to be my real, authentic self. 

Blissfully Happy Now (After)

I am now the me that always wanted to BE. I'm living my authentic truth, as a Shaman, Reiki Master, Pranic Healer), Clairvoyant, Angel Whisperer, Intuitive Empath, Psychic, Medical Intuitive, Child Whisperer (with specialties as Child Development Specialist and Child Behavior Specialist working with children on the Autism Spectrum and children with severe special needs and/or severely abused), Animal Whisperer (Animal Telepathy and Reiki), Spiritual Matchmaker, occasional Medium, Motivational Speaker and Writer, Spiritual Teacher/Guide and Life Coach.

Services Offered

Healing Packages

* Complete Healing Session - $180 for 2-3 hours

* Follow-up Sessions/Life Coaching - $60 an hour 

* 4-6 Week Packages - $240-$360 - One hour coaching or healing session, once a week, with daily texting or private messaging.

* Life Coaching Specialities: 

- Law of Attraction and other Universal Laws. How understanding these Universal Laws can almost immediately shift your life, your consciousness, your health, your relationships and your abundance level!

*Conscious Coupling

*Conscious Parenting (Gentle Parenting)

* Holistic Healing Coaching for Children with Autism

Shamanic, Pranic, Reiki Healing with Clairvoyance, Intuitive, Angel Whispering Guidance & Unconditional Love $180 for a 2-3 hour session

I dare you to want to love yourself unconditionally. I have the tools to heal you from past programming. I can help you come into complete soul alignment. When we are aligned with our soul's purpose - dis-ease, extra weight, dysfunctional thinking dissipate and we become the magical beings that we were always meant to be.

I begin each session with some Angel Whispering. Your angels and guides, with mine guide me, as I scan your body, mind, soul, heart and energetic system. This enables me to see immediately if there is dis-ease, if your chakras are imbalanced and what types of abuse have occurred. I then help you to fully relax, using a visualization  meditation and hypnosis. I guide you into believing that you have the capabilities and the right to heal your whole self, with my help.

Using Shamanic practices I pull out negative vibration and dis-ease. I then use Pranic Healing to pull out dysfunctional thinking patterns that hold you back from thinking positively about yourself and your life. I follow that by infusing you with Divine White Light (Reiki Energy) that is filled with amazing, unconditional love that boosts your immune system, stabilizes you into well-being, bliss and lasting feelings of being deeply loved.

At the end of our session, we will discuss any visions that came to both of us. I will explain the guidance that came through from our angels and guides. I will also, discuss what you can add or take away from your diet, meditation, yoga and other healing behavior modification. The three most meaningful changes in your life are coming to self-love, bliss (lasting joy) and connection to a higher power. As you come into vibrant health, you will also, become more abundantly affluent, have better, more loving relationships and manifest all that you desire.

Child and Animal Healing Sessions - using Telepathy, Angel Whispering, Play, Silliness, Giggles, Observation and Healing Modalities

I've been working with children for almost 30 years. First as a teacher, then directing preschools and teaching teachers how to teach, I've taught Conscious Parenting Classes, became a Behavior Specialist for children with Autism and severe special needs due to disabilities and behavior issues. I have helped many children finally find their voices. And have learned that diet  and following the lead of the child can greatly heal them.

I've been using telepathy with animals and small children since I was a child. Using telepathy, as well as Angel Whispering and being an Intuitive Empath enables me to pick up on subtle energy and behaviors. These abilities help me heal your child or animal. 

Children and Animals trust me immediately. They intuitively know that I offer only love to them. This creates an instant bond, so that I can get into their energetic systems with no blocks up.

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