My Credentials, Education and Experience

  • Began using Telepathy with other children, animals, trees, etc. at age 3.
  • Began giving healings and guiding other children around age 5.
  • At age 12 - till present, began studying Meditation, Hinduism, Mysticism, Shamanism, Buddhism, Christianity, Metaphysics, etc. 1980
  • At age, 19. Gave talks about Spirituality and who God/Spirit is to my aunt’s students that came from Kiev. (She was a ‘self-help guru’, that lived in Kiev and Bangkok 6-9 months out of the year.) 1987. 
  • Earliest remembrances of clear visions. 1987
  • Went to Sedona and realized/remembered that I am a natural born Shaman, 2004. (Told by several Shaman in Sedona, AZ, that I am indeed a Shaman.)
  • Began Astral Projecting, Lucid Dreaming and Tapping into Source continually. 2004 - till present.
  • Reiki Master Certificate, 2012
  • Began teaching classes about The Law of Attraction, Manifesting, Self-Love, Self-Empowerment, Living One’s Truth, Meditation and Mindfulness. 2012
  • Began blogging on Facebook and Instagram and writing articles about some of the amazing healings and psychic reading sessions I was sharing with clients. As well, as some of the incredible visions and channelings, I was having. 2012
  • Realized/remembered that I am an Intuitive Empath, 2012
  • Realized/remembered that I am a Clairvoyant Psychic, 2012
  • Realized/remembered that I am (sometimes) a Medium, 2012
  • Realized/remembered that I am an Angelic Channeling Psychic 2013
  • Began being interviewed on Podcasts, Online Radio Stations and Online Metaphysical Magazines, 2013
  • Awakened my Kundalini (reached Enlightenment for 7 days). 2014
  • Began blogging on Facebook and Instagram about Metaphysics, Vibrational Frequency, Manifesting, Soul Alignment, Angels, Starseeds, etc. 2014 
  • Realized/remembered that I have the beginning understanding of how to use Telekinesis. 2018 

Mainstream Education:

  • Pacific Oaks College, Pasadena, CA B.A. May 2002

           Specialization in Early Childhood Education/Child Development

  • Pasadena City College, Pasadena, CA

           Early Childhood Education Certificate - 32 Units

           Early Childhood Curriculum Center - Field Practice - 2 years


Angelic Channeling Psychic, Empath Intuitive, Clairvoyant, Shaman, Reiki Master, Pranic Healer, Consciousness Coach, Metaphysical/Law of Attraction/Spiritual Teacher/Writer/Speaker * New York, USA

January 2012 - Present


  • Created Healing/Psychic/Consciousness Coaching Business. Responsibilities include:
    • Helping people heal their minds/bodies/souls/energetic systems...lives through discussions about meditation, reincarnation, soul alignment, learning how to better understand Metaphysics, Spirituality, The Law of Attraction (all universal laws), mindfulness, improving nutrition/sleep/exercise, yoga, self-love, self-worth, relationships, sexuality, conscious coupling, conscious parenting, work, victim mentality, vibrational frequency, energy, etc. 
    • Guidance regarding healing the inner child, manifesting, spirituality, love life, abundance level, health issues and overall lifestyle. 
    • Teaching workshops on: Conscious Coupling, Conscious Parenting, Meditation, dealing with stress and creating a better life overall. 
    • Shamanic Healing, Extraction and Soul Journeying.
    • Pranic Healing
    • Reiki, including Reiki for Children and Animals.
    • Writing articles and in the process of writing two books on deeper healing, alternative healing modalities and learning how to be in alignment with one’s purpose in life.