*Angels: A spiritual being thought to be a messenger from God.

*Astral Body: The soul.

*Astral Consciousness: When you Astral Project you consciously separate your soul (astral body) from your body. Astral Consciousness is being highly aware of this experience.

*Astral Projection: Astral Projection is an amazing way of connecting to Source Energy. By connecting to Source Energy (Which is God, our collective consciousness – all that there is…) we connect to something that has immense power and energy. When we connect to this energy, we begin being capable of amazing things, like Astral Projection. Astral Projection is an out-of-body experience (OBE), similar to our experiences of dreaming, fantasizing, having near death experiences, hallucinating, using our imagination, and visualizing. Learning how to Astral Project can sometimes takes years to learn for some people. While others are born with this ability. Have you ever experienced being suddenly awakened with a “thumping” back into your body or onto your bed? If you have, you probably were Astral Projecting.

*Chakra System: Chakras are energy centers in which energy flows through. When one becomes blocked from stress and  negative thinking patterns dis-ease can manifest. There are over 100 chakras in the body. I specifically work with the main 7: The Crown Chakra, The Third Eye Chakra, The Throat Chakra, The Heart Chakra, The Solar Plexus Chakra, The Sacral Chakra and The Root Chakra. Through Reiki and Chakra balancing, your chakras can be realigned and your energy can begin flowing freely throughout your body again, creating feelings of well-being, relaxation, deeper feelings of peace and contentment, and more vibrant health.

*Connectedness: The understanding that we are all connected and a part of a greater whole. Within our connectedness, we are a part of Divine Oneness – oneness of all that there is and in total connection to Spirit/God/Universal Consciousness.

Collective or Universal Consciousness: A joining of awareness. Connecting and resonating awareness with others. I used the words “Collective and Universal” in conjunction with the word “Consciousness”. But there are other words used when describing this experience and concept. Other words that can be used or “Christ Consciousness”, “Collective Whole”, “Divine Oneness”, and “Universal Love”. All of these terms are related in that our thoughts, experiences, vibration – all are part of a greater whole. We sometimes get “stuck” in thinking egocentrically, in that we are the only one’s experiencing life. But we are all connected – we are all one. Not only are we connected to each other, but also to the Divine. Hence the word and Universal Law of Divine Oneness.

*Consciousness: Awareness of what is going on around you and within you, especially your own thoughts, feelings and existence.

*Dis-ease: A lack of feeling ease or contentment. Not to be confused with disease, thought dis-ease often occurs with disease.

*The Divine: The terms “The Divine” refer to a higher power, God, Spirit, Source, or Universal Consciousness.

Guide: A spirit guide is like an angel, but is someone who has passed on and comes to us in their human form. Some feel that spirit guides are people that have reincarnated many times and no longer have to reincarnate to live another human life. A lot of times it is someone that was related to you in a familial way.

*Holistic Abundance: When thinking about abundance in a spiritual context, we use the word abundance to describe not only financial abundance, but also, being abundant in all areas of your life, such as feeling content emotionally, spiritually, sexually and intellectually.

*Intuition: Connecting to and trusting your inner knowing, which is quick insight that we all have the ability to connect to. Now, many people say that they don’t have this ability, and you may say the same. However, when I “go deeper” in discussion with those who make this claim, they typically admit to having this ability, yet do not trust themselves enough to act upon what their intuition offers them.

*Meditation: The gentle act of introspection, contemplation, and sitting with what is.

*Soul Alignment: When both your physical self and spirit self are in harmony. When you feel at peace with what you are thinking, how you are feeling, and the way that you are living.

*Spirit or Totem Animal Guides: Similar to human Guides, but they in the form of animals instead. When we reincarnate we can choose to come back as animals or humans, depending on the lessons that we want to learn in our next lifetime. If a spirit is finished with their lifetimes, they can become Animal Spirit Guides. As a Shamanic Healer, I use Animal Spirit Guides in all of my sessions, often connecting with my client’s own personal Animal Spirit Guides. And, each type of animal holds different types of wisdom, such as a deer reminding us to remain gentle in every situation.

Tapping into Source Energy: Source Energy is the energy that comes from the Divine. It is not separate from us, as we are part of the collective whole of the universe. Anyone can tap (use to create) any thing, experience, or feeling that we may want, all by coming to understand that we are all worthy of it, by understanding that there is a never ending wellspring of Source Energy, and with the understanding that there is a natural flow in life. If we choose to go against the flow, we have less positive outcomes. And when we go with the flow, our outcomes are positive.

Vibration/Vibrational Frequency: Every person, animal and thing is made up of energy and has vibration. Vibration is the rate at which energy is moving. All of our atoms and sub-particles vibrate at a certain rate. In order to attain an experience or an object that you want – you have to raise your vibrational frequency to match that of what you want. The more dense an object, the slower it moves/vibrates. In saying all of this, I must add that our thoughts and feelings also, have their own vibrational frequency. The happier you are feeling, the lighter and more quicker your vibrate. Creating ease when trying to attain something that you want. You literally raise your vibration.