Sessions and Services

Shamanic, Pranic, Reiki inflused, Angel Whispering, Clairvoance, Soul Coaching Sessions ~$200

*Discussion regarding what you want to achieve during our time together.

*Psychic Angelic Channeling (Angel Whispering)/Clairvoyance

*Body/Mind/Soul/Energy Scanning 

*Release of old and/or negative energy and dysfunctional thinking

*"Fuck It" Therapy and Laughter Therapy

*Chakra Balancing

*Deep meditation and Hypnosis

*Shamanic Healing (sometimes Shamanic Journeying)

*Sometimes Mediumship

*Pranic Healing


*Immense Unconditional Love and Intense White Light Channeled

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Common Requests:

*Medical Intuition ~ Scanning of the body to see if there is dis-ease present. 

*Conscious Sexual/Intimacy Therapy

*Sexual Identiy Coach

*Raising Vibration as a Couple and Healing to Create Passion and Connectedness again.

*Spiritual Matchmaking

*Help with the Awakening Process

*Help with the Dark Night of the Soul

*Finding your Joy again

*Help with relationships. (Active Listening, Interpersonal Skills, Non-Violent Communication)

*Conscious Coupling

*Conscious Parenting

*Helping your child find their voice (Work with children with Autism, Aspergers, children with severe special needs and/or severely abused.)

*Reiki for animals/Animal Whispering

*Child Whispering

*Shamanic Extraction

*Finding One's Purpose/Soul Alignment/Soul Contract


*Spiritual Weight Loss (How to lose weight, while learning about The Law of Attraction and other Universal Laws

*The Law of Attraction

*Raising Vibration

*Tapping into Source Energy

*Astral Projection


*Releasing Your Old Story and Creating Your New One

Sacred Sessions

It takes time to fully shift your consciousness, into feeling worthy of abundance and lasting bliss.

Each sacred package is a ten week, deeply healing process of helping you to shift your consciousness. We will work on the original seed that made you feel that you are not worthy of Finally Loving Yourself enough to attract and create ~ Vibrant Health, Sustainable Affluent Abundance, Attracting Your Beloved, Finding and Living Your Purpose and Learning How to Live in Blissful Balance.

Specific Sacred Sessons ~ (You can choose a specific topic or we can work on all of these together.)

  • Awakening ~ loving guidance, helping you through the dark night of the soul, finding out your true purpose and into higher consciousness.
  • Deeper Understanding of The Law of Attraction/Manifesting and all Universal Laws.
  • Spiritual Matchmaking ~ Preparing you and helping you attracting your Beloved. Helping you to cut cords and heal old wounds, so that you are ready for your partner.
  • Spiritual Weight Loss ~ Helping you come to deeper understanding of The Law of Attraction and how it can heal you, empower you and help you to BE the real you!
  • Shamanic Journeying, Soul Retrieval, Extraction of Dysfunctional Behaviors and Beliefs.
  • Conscious Coupling ~ How to heal disconnection, Active Listening, Non-Violent Communication, Being Present, Kundalini, Vibrational Connection, etc.
  • Counscious Parenting ~ Allowing your child to become who they have come here to BE, Child Development, Flow, Holistic Health, Gentle Parenting, Being Present, but also BEing present to oneself.

Breakdown of Sacred Session Order and Cost ~

  • There will be ten sessions.
  • Two full healings (please scroll up to read what this entails. It is fully described under "Shamanic, Pranic, Reiki, etc.")
  • Eight Soul (Life) Coaching Sessions, which will include:
    • A one hour Soul Coaching Session, Homework (Beautiful, Soul Searching Exercises) and your choice of texting, emails, Direct Messaging on Instagram or Private Messaging on Facebook.
  • Our first session will last approximately 3-4 hours long and will include a full Healing, Law of Attraction teachings and Soul (Life) Coaching.
  • There will then be four weeks of one hour Soul (Life) Coaching sessions, etc.
  • We will then have another full Healing Session, Law of Attraction teachings, etc. on the 6th week.
  • The Last four weeks of our Sacred Consciousness Shifting will be Soul (Life) Coaching.
  • Cost: $1,000 for the ten weeks. That is a discount of $400! :)

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