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Additional Testimonials

By creating sacred, love infused space... Deep Healing, abundance and clarity occurs.

Alina Haiduc/Dubai:

″Jennifer Ching Lopez has been an angel and a brilliant, joyful presence in my life for a few years now. When i reached out to her for guidance for healing, i expected kindness and perhaps some guidance. But what i received during our healing session was million times better than anything i had imagined.
Unconditional love.
Instant connection, ease and flow, the immediate knowing that i am accepted and liked just as i am. Adored by this beautiful, loving sun, without a shadow of doubt or reservation. Held in a space of love so pure and happy, wise and complete that can only come from the Divine.
I had not shared much about my life and my concerns (although Jen is ever so open, receptive, unassuming, extremely respectful and gentle beyond what my words can describe). Yet the insights Jen was receiving about me and my life, as she was “scanning” me, were extremely precise. Her guidance clearly and specifically addressed multiple questions and concerns i had not even voiced to her! My priorities, my thinking, my purpose- everything seen and held with such intense clarity, and with the most delicate, gentle wisdom and love.
The entire experience evokes in me the fantastic clarity and sheer knowing i perceived while listening to Abraham speaking. Jen’s light, fantastic sense of humor and her motherly empathy sooo resemble Esther Hicks’s presence!
Every word i heard from Jen was golden and relevant to my life, my questions, my interests! Pure loving, pure giving – this is what she is. I am truly blessed to know Jennifer Ching Lopez, she is a golden highlight in my life! https://static.xx.fbcdn.net/images/emoji.php/v9/ffd/1/16/1f64f_1f3fd.png" width="16"/>🙏🏽https://static.xx.fbcdn.net/images/emoji.php/v9/f6c/1/16/2764.png" width="16"/>❤️”
Alina Haiduc
Author, Coach,
Emotion Code Practitioner
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Renee Jeffus/Oregon: 

“I want to give a big, juicy shout out of gratitude and appreciation to Jennifer Ching Lopez🙏💖🙏🙌🙌

Recently I have been moving thru some really intense and challenging times around my son. Jennifer and I had been connected for some time and I had always been curious about her healing work and offerings. I decided to have a session with her and it was incredibly nourishing, powerful and transformative!
She was profoundly intuitive and insightful and I have been feeling some monumental shifts since our session. My ability to navigate what’s happening has strengthened and is more based in trust and grace now. Energy work and distance healing can be incredibly powerful and this was one of the best I have had. 💖🌟💖
Thank you beauty for your love and support!!!” Renee Jeffus Independent Black Diamond Affliate – Prime My Body, Former Creatrix and Shamanic Priestess at Oasis~A Healing Arts Sanctuary and Community Gathering Place

Karen Kaddatz Aho/Michigan: 

“Jennifer , you have been an amazing Life Coach for me. Through what seemed overwhelming, you taught me how to grieve, but most importantly…. You taught me how to take back my power.

I have amazing love and gratitude for your caring soul. The knowledge and connection that you create is truly a gift. Thank you my dear friend! ❤️😘”

Ashutosh Agarwal/India:

 “Just within the first 15 minutes of our discussion, I felt my face. And I couldn’t stop smiling. I just feel your love and God in you. I was so afraid. And now, just within a few moments after your healing, I don’t understand why more people don’t believe in this. It’s so beautiful. You are just like, wow. During the healing, I felt you pulling the stuff out of my third eye and my throat chakra. I felt vibrating and tingling in my 3rd eye, throat chakra and shoulders. You were right. I was afraid to speak my truth. As soon as you said that you were pulling out the blockages, I felt the pulling. You were right, I wasn’t speaking my truth. I was so afraid. And now, I am ready to really be me. And then when you started to take the pressure off of my shoulders, I could feel the pain and heaviness leave them. And I felt heat. I felt your healing energy as loving warmth. Omg Jennifer, thank you for healing me and for teaching me how to Astral Project. I cannot wait to try it now and keep trying it until I succeed. I am no longer afraid. And I do. I feel the love that you speak so freely about. Thank you. Thank you so much Jennifer! Maybe I am really blessed to have you.”

Amanda Napthali/Australia: (Session 1)

“You are beautiful Jen. Speaking to you is like speaking to an Angel. You listen like one, you feel like one (and you’re in New York and I’m in Sydney!!) and you laugh like one. Talking to you is like losing time. And the Unconditional love You offer is magical. Real love is magic. Thank you for All that You share. You care, You heal and your Authenticity is Electric and Catching. Love, Love, Love!!”

(Session 2) ”In your light I learn how to love ” ~ Rumi If anyone is feeling that their life is at a cross-road, purposeless ,soulless , joyless , suffering with illness , or they feel a sadness like an itch they scratch that just will not go away . I recommend Jen. She is a remarkable , intelligent , gifted healer. We got on so well , she is an amazing listener and she made me see the funny side to life . Everything has just been a magical transformation of my life. Thank you Jen!"

Daisy Wholihan/ Michigan: 

“Thank you so much for being one of my most Priceless Teachers Jennifer Ching Lopez!! Your Wisdom, Strength, Tenacity and Growth speaks to my soul in a way one cannot express in words. Through your struggles and misalignment in our life journey you came through a Dag Gone Peacock!!!! ~ Bright, Glorious and Ready to share LOVE, WISDOM and TRUTH!!!!!! I just flippin love and honor you!!!!!!!!!”

Marie James/California/6/17: “Dearest Jennifer, you are such a blessing in my life. Thank you so very much for your gifts of healing for my brother (who had surgery, with very little hope. And now, he is very week, yet out of the hospital and at home!) I am honored to know you. Wrapping you in a BIG HUG – may God bless you always! Love you!” P.S. Thank you so much beautiful! Your kind words and support mean so much! It means so much all of your thoughts and prayers! You are embedded in my heart! I am incredibly grateful for you and my brother’s healing! You are amazing!”

Samantha Smith/New York, New York:
“You have an ethereal, not of this world brilliance about you. Down to earth yet, connected to Source in a way I can only hope to achieve. Namaste!…Thank you for being our teacher and guiding light.”

Jessica/AZ/First Session: 8/16 Second Session: 5/17
“I had a session with Jen months ago right before I went into a rehab facility for almost a lifetime addiction to Heroin. And everything that she said came true! Jen, you are my healer! I’ve been clean for eleven months!! It’s a miracle!! And I’m soo grateful!! I didn’t know what to do and you helped guide me and helped me believe in myself. And let me see that God has always been with me!! Thank you so much Jen!! You helped me save my life!!


 “I’ve had two sessions with Jen so far. The first, a virtual healing session last year. This year, face-to-face. Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect from the session. But we had a long talk, lots of laughs and giggles, new knowledge and even homework. Jen shares her experiences and it’s apparent that she is, like all of us, on an interesting journey. She knows what she’s doing. She’s gifted and generous, only too willing to share her gifts with others. Thanks so much, Jen!”

Raymond F. Self/Reiki Master/California: 

“As a Reiki Practitioner and Master, I found myself spiraling away from the practice and back into my old habits once I obtained a new job and life started moving in new directions for me. Gratefully the Universe brought Jennifer along and she did some long distance healing and psychic readings for me. And kind of gently nudged me back to my path. I’m grateful for the beautiful gifts that have been given to me and I’m super thankful to Jennifer. Because she actually helped me remember that I’m not in it just for me, but that I’m in it to help other people.” “Thank you for your loving, gentle nudge back to myself.”

Tanjeet Stephens/California: 

“Hi Jennifer. Thank you for the healing yesterday. like you still exist. Thank you for your positivity and support. Many hugs and kisses!! I just am grateful that beautiful people I came up with a proclamation. Through Reiki and divine intervention…I am blessed and healed spiritually, emotionally, mentally, infinity to the infinity power. I am tuned to the divine present moment eternally as I remember all is God working miracles. I am a miracle of the divine sacred feminine and masculinity. I am in awe and surrender to the path I choose with my free will. I give myself the nurturing I deserve. I am safe and protected in every way known and unknown. Thank you!!!!”

Adrienne/New York:  

”Hi Jennifer,Thank you so much for all your feedback. I think you are truly gifted and hit the nail on the head with everything going on in my life right now. I love all of your practical solutions and have already incorporated many of them. I really need to get back to yoga and meditation regularly. That is my next step. So happy to have met with you. You are truly gifted and I look forward to having some positive updates for you soon.  Thank you for shining your light! Love, Adrienne"



 “Ohhh Jenn!!!!! I am a crying mess in a good way!!! I totally feel warm, peaceful and the healing happening. You hit IT ALL!!!!! EVERY SINGLE DETAIL IS SPOT ON!!!! Especially the part @ my husband!!! Omg!!! This is so perfect and I am going to be referring to it multiple times a day to help me through!!!! Bless you for taking the time to help me!!!! You have no idea how much this means to me!!!! I soooo needed this. May you be blessed a trillion times over. Thank you for the gift of a blessing!!!! I couldn’t have asked for more accuracy!!!!!”

Anne/New York: 

“Jen is a gifted life coach who can take a person from sadness to joy in an instant of being in her Presence with the joy and love that emanates from her. I have had the opportunity to spend 2 sessions with her and already feel more joyful, peaceful and motivated from her wisdom but mostly from her genuine love. Jen is all about love – giving it and receiving it. She genuinely wants people to feel loved and realize their true potential. I highly recommend her life coaching skills for everyone but especially if you are struggling with depression, lack of direction or motivation, and lack of self-esteem. Jen will lift you up to higher ground and guide you towards self-realization and happiness.”

Michelle/New York: 

” I was immediately drawn to Jennifer. I did not know her, but her warmth and caring immediately surrounded me like a welcoming hug. Her honesty and many gifts of healing bring light into this world! She is an amazing teacher and gently guides me on my life journey and discover deeper peace, acceptance and gratitude. I am honored to have this love and light filled soul in my world!!”

Phoebe (Owner of nOMad – Yoga Retreat Company)/New York: 

“She is an AMAZING healer!! Seriously, I have had two sessions with her and my life completely shifted for the better. I was run down, beat down. Spending time in her presence and receiving her love/service changed my energy and perspective. If you need an energetic reboot, please reach out to Jenn. She will change. your life.”


“Jennifer is a gifted and genuine healer. She has helped me when I called on her services for my sick cat. Jennifer was able to pinpoint the energy blockages within his chakra system and she gave me very grounded advice to help him and myself. The relief and healing she brought to me and my cat was so sincere and perfect. I will definitely go back to Jennifer whenever I need to. Working with her is amazing.” Trish from Rainbowwisdom.”



“Where do I begin to express my love and gratitude for this amazing lady!

I have received a number of distant Reiki/Shamanic healings from Jen and each one different from the last, so powerful and so beautiful.She is a truly gifted, loving, caring, authentic healer. She took me on a journey through my pain and sadness and then she helped me heal it all. She provides a space in which you can simply let go of anything that is hurting you or bringing you down.

She was able to tell me about different things going on in my body and she guided me gently, to be more aware of my lifestyle. So, I changed, with her help. Her visions are amazing and so uplifting. I love hearing about my Angels. After each healing I feel so loved, balanced, grounded, healed, more me and full of life. Jen helped me smile again.

This lady is the most passionate person I have ever met. Her guidance is mind blowing and her gifts are heaven sent. I am truly blessed to have found you Jen!"

Jessica K./Maryland 8/9/15: 

” Oh my gosh, I am SO grateful for you!! I’ve told a few friends about the healing you gave me and I’m passing on your contact information to them. Maryland clients coming at you girl!! I don’t have words to express how wonderful you are and what a gift you’ve been to me (and I to you, I know) in such a short time. Words limit. But your hand has almost literally laid on my heart, and I hope you felt my awe, wonder, appreciation, reverence and love for you. Namaste beautiful sister!! You gave me such a gift last night!!” 2/2/15: “And then I found myself on Jennifer Ching Lopez’s doorstep 2 hours north of cement hell (NYC) – my dear friend, shaman, momma, soul sister, this woman is straight from the mothafuckin heavens. 5 minutes in the car with her and the hands gripping my chest began to life. We talked for 8 hours straight. And holy shit, was it fun, and healing. This woman is incredible. The most powerful healer I’ve personally experienced. And also so beautifully human. She holds her power And her humanity with so much authenticity and transparency and light and power and love. I feel empowered by her presence. I am reminded of my own truth. I am also a healer. She helps me see and feel and know this from a place of quiet knowing – detached from ego, living in truth.”

Kathleen J. F./New York 2/8/16: 

I many not be big on words but I do know that a session with you Jen makes me feel as though I am baring my soul without saying a word. Truly there is so much felt in the silence. You have the ability to go deep within. Your incredible insight has helped me immensely. Your power to heal is beautiful.” 3/3/16 “Thank you Jen! Whenever I spend time with you I feel so much lighter! Your healing with touch and healing words are so soothing and so powerful. I went to nature’s pantry after I left you and I had a coupon for $5 off $25 and it came to exactly $25 at the checkout! And I wasn’t even keeping track…everything is in sync! Lol”

Randy Canieso/California: 

“Thank you so very much again for that wonderful time together, and for that amazing healing. I feel so much better and much lighter, for a lot of reasons. I also feel like I can see my present situation much more clearly. I do not feel anxious at all right now. I feel like I can rest easy in my head now and that I can sleep soundly tonight. Thank you sooo much!”

Jeannine/Los Angeles, CA: 

I truly believe there are no accidents and we are to connect with people in the perfect timing. The other day I had Jennifer on my mind to send her a message about a new horse I am interested in. I am open-minded to advice and trust her judgement. Jennifer shared with me that, as I sent her that message she was in the middle of her own healing and meditation. Our souls were connecting at the perfect time. As I was sending her the message about Lux (my friend’s horse that is for sale) in her meditation she had a vision of a horse! I was truly amazed when she shared that with me. I also see it as confirmation it is time for me to own again. I am trusting + allowing + letting go. I am very grateful for like-minded intuitive healers, visionaries, and spiritual awareness in others who make a difference in life. Jennifer is a trusted friend and I am blessed to know her.”


“I consider myself blessed to have found Jennifer. (Or maybe she found me.) Her sunny enthusiastic and gentle guidance persuaded me to have some healing with her which was wonderful, heartwarming and very helpful experience. I have most definitely felt very much better since. I am more positive, optimistic and grounded too. It seems to have shifted a lot of heavy emotional burdens which has encouraged me to be more determined to achieve what I know I need to.

I also feel I am coping better with some added stresses recently that previously would have knocked me back down into that deep dark hole I had fallen into.I thank you Jennifer so very much and will recommend you to anyone I feel could benefit from your amazing healing. I am sure you will continue to help many people and animals and maybe also teach others to do the same. Our world needs you!’

W.R. Knight/New Zealand: 

“Jennifer Ching Lopez is a close friend of mine and a true spiritual talent. Jen comes from a space of very deep compassion and connection to the people she works with. And this comes through in the way she works. Jen and I did a series of remote Reiki healings in December of 2014. The effect of these was immediate and profoundly noticeable. I felt free, lighter, happier, and more energetic and purposeful – as if a whole bunch of stuff that had been holding me back had been removed. If there are patterns in your life that are causing you to be blocked, then you need to remove those too, but in a healing way with. Jen will be a very definite step in the right direction. There are a lot of healers out there, but not with the compassion and sincerity that Jen has is rare. I recommend her unequivocally.”


I had an amazing session with Jennifer and to my amazement she read me like a book. Throughout the session I did not speak nor did I show any facial movements. She was spot on. I cannot share everything but her ability to pick up on the fact that once in awhile I have inflammation issues was amazing. I highly recommend her and you will not be disappointed. I can assure you that.”

Harold A./Florida:

 I knew it from the moment we met that you were an amazing healer. And then you gave me healings and I was right! You’re an amazing spirit with a huge heart overflowing with love! Your ability to read someone’s heart, mind, body and soul is remarkable. Keep going! Hugs, love and light!”